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MDPs/Leadership Development Program

MDPs/Leadership Development Program

The institute proposes various programmes for business enterprises and other organizations. The programmes cover industry relevant topics, ranging from fundamental principles of management to specific business models. As a practice, SIMS initiates couple of client meetings prior to the program where in both the parties engage in a process of Need analysis, corresponding to which SIMS deliver the program.

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Theme : Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Hospitals

Customer is the key stakeholder in any business. In the context of a hospital, customer relationship is more crucial and unpredictable. Unlike other organizations, people engage in various hospital-related activities with varied levels of emotions and sentiments. This program helps the participants to prepare themselves for the requirements of the situations.

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Key Take Aways :

  • Crisis management and effective ways of communication
  • How to deal with uncertainties at workplace
  • Leadership development
  • Team building and stress management
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