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Finance Management

Finance is the study of how individuals and firms allocate resources through time. This course is designed to build an understanding of financial concepts such as portfolio management, corporate valuation, securities valuation and pricing, capital structure, dividend policy, liquidity management, derivatives and risk management etc. We have meticulously crafted our syllabus as per the requirements of the industry and have industry certifications and webinars. Course objectives are:

Overview of Corporate Finance

To understand the different financial functions to be discharged and decisions to be made by a finance manager.

Investment and Portfolio Management

To understand the features of securities markets and instruments traded therein to make better and profitable investment decision.

Derivatives and Commodity Market

To acquaint students with derivative securities and commodity, their markets, pricing, hedging and trading strategies of derivative instruments.

Risk Analysis and Management

To provide skills to identify and measure risks and create risk response strategies to meet different stakeholders’ expectations.

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