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Former People

Former People

SIMS started functioning in the year 2016. The institute has received exemplary services from reverent priests, administrative staff and faculty to whom we are very grateful. SIMS as an institution is not an overnight miracle. It is the sweat and blood of many visionaries and true leaders. SIMS gratefully remember the leadership of V. Rev. Dr. Antu Alappadan (the first executive director of SIMS) who was instrumental in the hands of God for making IDET’s concept of starting a B-school a reality. SIMS acknowledges the supervision and hard work of Rev. Fr. Thomas Velakanadan who was the finance officer during the period of building construction. SIMS thank Ms. Marriamma (chief architect, Mayphil Architects); Mr. Dinessan (contractor), and Mr. Baiju (supervisor).

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Maliakkal

Manager (2016)

Rev. Dr. Joji Palamattath

Executive Director (2017)

Rev. Fr. Thomas Velakkandan

Finance Officer ( 2016-2018 )

Rev.Fr. Joshy Kalleli

Finance Officer (2018 -2019)

Fr. Jinto Verampilavu

Finance Officer (2019-2020)

Rev. Fr. George Pareman

Executive Director (2018-2020)

Rev. Fr. Lazar Kuttikadan

Manager ( 2018-2021)

Rev. Dr. Antu Alappadan

Executive Director ( 2016-2017)

Rev.Fr. Joy Palikkara

Manager ( 2021-2022)


Director ( August 2016- July 2023)

Fr. Linto Thaliyanayath

Finance Officer ( 2020-2023)

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