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Webinar Series -3, 2021

The Five-day webinar on the theme Business Analytics: Principles and Applications was held from 13th September to 17th September, 2.30-3.45 pm 2021 through the zoom platform. The session was jointly organized by the IQAC and NDLI Club of Sahrdaya Institute of Management Studies targeted for the students of the institute. The Objective of the webinar: To familiarize the students about the business analytics, its principles and applications in the business scenario. In order to achieve the above mentioned objective, the webinar was organized into five different sub themes. Day 1: Introduction to Business Analytics Day 2: HR Metrics and Analytics Day 3: Social Media Analytics from a Business Perspective Day 4: Financial Analytics & Financial Valuation Modelling Day 5: Application of Business Analytics in the New Normal. The Day 1 session theme was “Introduction to Business Analytics”. The guest speaker Mr. Deepu Xavier introduced the basic concepts of business analytics. His major focus was on the practical perspective of business statements, how the business will benefit from analytics. The Day 2 of the Webinar Series-3 was on the topic HR Metrics and Analytics. The session was handled by Dr. Devi Soumyaja, Assistant Professor, School of Management Studies CUSAT. The session majorly focused on: Familiarizing the concept of HR Analytics, Analytics Maturity Model, Case Studies, DCOVA Model. The third day of webinar was on the theme of social media analytics. The session was handled by Mr. Nimish Joseph. The session covered: Social Media, Social Media: Information, Propagation, Analytics Implications. The Day 4 session of the webinar was on Financial Analytics and Financial Valuation Modelling. The session was handled by Dr. Sasikanta Tripathy. The session covered: Concept of Analytics, Financial Statement Analysis, What an analyst do?, Business Valuation. On day 5 the Guest Speaker for the session Mr. Jomon Joseph, started the session by explaining various real life examples which has used data analytics. The difference between analysis and analytics was explained by him. Director Dr. George A.P was the moderator for all the sessions.

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