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SIMS-AIMA Business Simulation Data Analytics Lab

The first and only AIMA accredited Business Simulation and Data Analytics Lab in South India was inaugurated on the 10th of November 2021. The inauguration ceremony of the SIMS-AIMA Business Simulation and Data Analytics Lab was held at Sahrdaya Institute of Management Studies with His Excellency Bishop Mar. Pauly Kannookadan, Chairman IDET performing the blessing and inauguration in the presence of Mr. Neeraj Kapoor, Director of Centre for Management Development, AIMA, Dr. Ravi Jangra, Deputy Director, AIMA, Fr. Dr. Jino Johny Malakkaran, Executive Director, SIMS, and Dr. George A P, Director, SIMS. SIMS is always looking for new ways to help better its student’s learning experience, thus the college has set up a state-of-the-art lab facility run with the AI-powered business simulation software by AIMA. With the help of the Business Simulation and Data Analytics Lab, the students at SIMS will now be able to practice in real-time all the theoretical principles taught to them as a part of their curriculum and the management is optimistic that this will help accelerate their learning process, heighten their engagement level and ultimately lead to our students having a competitive edge over other MBA graduates in terms of their employability. The lab will also help the college execute the teaching of its Data Analytics course which is taught to the students at SIMS in the form of an Add On course over and above their regular curriculum. The Data Analytics course is an answer to the newfound requirement of trained professionals in the Data Analytics field and our students will be the direct benefactors of the foresight shown by the SIMS management by way of introducing such new-age courses earlier than other management institutions.

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