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NDLI User Awareness Program

NDLI User Awareness program was conducted on sept. 7,2021 at 2 pm online. The objective of the session was to create awareness among the users on how to access NDLI e-resources through the NDLI portal. The importance of the NDLI club was also mentioned during the session. All the students and faculty members of the college attended the program. Librarian Mr. Mesjer Geo was the speaker of the session. SIMS has received the NDLI Club registration certificate from the NDLI authority. National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is the digital library platform of India. It is developed and maintained by IIT Kharagpur under the direction of the Ministry of Education, India. The objective of the NDLI is to promote the culture of reading, creating a Knowledge society, preserve our cultural and academic heritage and avoid the digital divide among society. The main advantage of NDLI is the availability of all the e-resources 24/7 publicly. Anyone can access the NDLI e-resources from everywhere. And also multiple users can access the same resources at the same time. And most importantly, all the contents in the various govt knowledge portals like SWAYAM, NPTEL, ePG Pathsala, Shodhsindhu, NCERT, etc are easily accessed through the NDLI portal. Also, more than 350 Knowledge contributors including private sources like Microsoft, Springer, Librivox, etc shared their contents in the NDLI Platform. E contents in the South Asia Archive and World eBook Library can also be available through NDLI after login into the platform. The beauty of the NDLI platform is the availability of various filter options like access restriction, Auther, Subject wise, language wise, resource types, Publisher wise, etc for easy retrieving of the required e-resource. Differents formats of e-content like text, audio, video, ppt, etc are available and the various types of e-resources are articles, ebooks, Case studies, Notes, etc can be seen on the platform. More than 7 crores e-resources are available and out of it, more than 5 crores (about 72 %) are open. It is the best e-resource platform for learners like school and college students, professionals, edupreneurs, academicians, and lifelong learners. NDLI Club is the platform for conducting learning-oriented activities like lecture talk, webinar, career talk, essay writing, book review, quiz, debate, etc. All the activities can be published on the club platform. All the members of SIMS institute have taken membership in the NDLI club. The prime objective of the NDLI Club is to promote reading skills, knowledge skills, and overall intellectual and mental growth of the students and faculties of the institute. Those who participate and perform well in the competition-based activities will get rewards. As NEP 2020 demands for the conduction of learning-oriented events in the institute, NDLI Club platform is great support for the institute as it helps in the ranking purpose. Most importantly NDLI club members can access the massive e-resource available in the NDLI portal.

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