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Industrial Visit to Aqua Star

Students are given periodic assignments on industry related issues. They are also provided with an opportunity to conduct an organisational study through a systematic process of interaction and field visits..The students of Second Semester MBA at SIMS were taken for an industrial visit to the production plant of M/s Aquaguard at Mundathikkode near Wadakkanchery in Thrissur Dt on 07/03/2020 . Aquastar is a leading producer of rainwater gutters made from virgin uPVC and enjoys the position as the market leader of the product as they are the first to introduce it. The team reached Aquastar plant by 10 am and spent almost 3 hours in the plan to understand the production process of rainwater gutters, moulds, etc. Mr.Joy, Manager, and Mr. Ranjith, Production Engineers explained the entire process to the group. PVC powder is melt in high temperature and the melted powder is passed through the predesigned moulds to get the desired product. It is all machining process and human intervention is comparatively lesser.The student group understood the entire process and clarified their doubts in the process and all aspects related to production, finance, HR, and Marketing. It was indeed a live experience for the student group.

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