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Gradhan Yojana- Book Donation

As part of the "Gradhan Yojana " scheme, which is the SIMS Library Birthday Book Donation Program, Anjana K of first-year MBA student of the 2022-2024 batch, has donated her own book 'A Secret Family' to the library. She handed over the book to Executive Director Fr. Dr Jino Johny Malakkaran, Director Dr George A.P. and Librarian Mr Mesjer Geo during the assembly. All faculties and students appreciated her work. Anjana has completed a B.ed degree and is now pursuing an MBA at SIMS. She is a voracious reader and a good writer. She completed her debut novel 'A secret family' during the covid period. 'A secret family' is a Malayalam crime novel book which is published by Gaya Publications, Thrissur. The story is about the serial killings that happen in a city and finding the truth behind the same. This crime suspense thriller book will definitely arouse curiosity in readers.

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