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International Business Management

This course provides insights on the tools and practices that help to identify and interpret international business opportunities. The students learn the theory related to international trade, the factors that influence internationalization and the strategies of global operations such as exporting, licensing, joint-ventures etc. They also learn the tools and techniques to manage and evaluate risks and changes of international operations and trade practices. Course objectives are:

Understanding of the global business environment

To provide an understanding of the factors that determine the business environment of emerging markets, the relevant changes over time and the implications of corporate strategies on them

Corporate strategy and their application

To familiarize the leading tools of corporate strategy and their application in the domestic and international settings.

Sustainable economic systems

To make them understand the manner in which different forms of economic systems sustain high levels of productivity and living standards.

Understand the global business environment

To make them understand the political, regulatory, and associated processes in managing business-government in international business relations.

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