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The world is undergoing transition in every sphere of life. Business models are being constantly challenged by disruptive innovation and shorter product life cycles. Business boundaries have become unimaginably blurred owing to unlevelled competition and market dynamics. Marketing organizations are sketching aesthetics and fantasy in their communication storyboard to stimulate impulsive and compulsive buying behaviour to manage bottomlines. The evolution of technology has been so phenomenal that even household chores are being entrusted to robots. The day is not distant that there could be people living with ‘man-like robots’ which can act and react to moods and emotions as humans do. The threat of subjugation of human beings to machines is very evident. As recession has become a recurrent phenomenon, innovations and skilling would be mandatory to drive economy. Under such situation, there is no doubt that the corporate would require a new breed of manages who are capable of shouldering multiple tasks and responsibilities with a passion to perform and excel. However, the employability of the graduating management students has been a perennial cause of worry for the corporates for a long time. Business schools need to proactively respond to this issue and conduct a realistic preview of the talents at hand to mould them to be the best in their own forte. It is imperative that a locally globalized entrepreneurial culture is developed to sustain economic development, market efficiency and competitive advantage. The management talents need to be evenly distributed not only to revive the sick and the small but also to move the leader to the next phase of growth. It is possible only when the budding managers know their mettle and are clear of the label they would like to be known for and to bear forthwith. Dear students, it is important that you have a dream to fulfill and know the ‘you in you’ to carve your identity. You can realize your potential only when you understand the anchor of your vocation and have a passion to succeed. A relentless drive to excellence raising the benchmarks at every milestone without compromising values and ethics is imperative. Be sincere, disciplined, consistent and committed to your tasks and responsibilities.

Sahrdaya Institute of Management Studies is an enterprise of visionaries who have professional experience and expertise to expose and empower the ‘you in you’ to become the leaders of tomorrow. You are the culmination of our dreams, the testimonial of success, the hope of our future and the destiny of our country. Be assured of a world class experience of learning and ecstasy at Sahrdaya. Learn, Lead and Serve: let that be the mantra of every sahrdayan.

Wish you every success.

Dr. George A.P.

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